Why do you feel empty inside?

Why do you feel empty inside?

Feeling empty comes from within you and is not necessarily influenced by external factors such as other people or things. It can be difficult to understand, and could be described as feeling emotionally detached or numb.

Even if you have good things happening in your life, you can still feel a sense of unfulfillment. This is because emptiness is an intrinsic feeling.

Sometimes, people who seem to have it all (things like fame, money and success) could still be unhappy which might be puzzling for others to understand. Since all of these things are external, if a person is not fulfilled internally, no amount of external validation will be able to change the feeling of numbness.

The first step to helping yourself is to acknowledge the situation and find tools to help you work through the feelings you are experiencing.


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Why you might be feeling empty

Maybe you feel like you haven’t found your purpose yet, or maybe you aren’t doing what you love. Whatever the reason for feeling empty might be, it is a feeling that can leave you debilitated and constantly drained. You might start questioning your reason for being.

You are not alone; many people experience this. It takes time to figure life out, some people never figure life out and that’s totally okay too. Worrying about feeling empty and lost inside increases anxiety and depression. It’s also good to know that when we have anxiety or depression, we often have negative feelings about our negative feelings. What a cycle!

It’s okay to have both negative and positive thoughts or feelings, let the feelings and thoughts come and go. You shouldn’t feel bad about having negative thoughts, just as long as your negative thoughts are not the only thoughts you experience.

  • Feeling lonely

Loneliness can be caused by many confusing feelings, for example, you might be surrounded by a bunch of people or have a busy social life, and still feel lonely.

I reached my loneliest point when I had the most people around me. It’s tiring to put on a fake smile all the time and hide your true feelings. Sometimes you might feel like nobody understands you or the people you surround yourself with have different values than you.

Loneliness is dangerous, so it’s good to be mindful of your thoughts. Being mindful means that you should be aware of what you are thinking and being in the present moment.

  • Lack of fulfillment

Many things can cause a lack of fulfillment. What one person may find irrelevant can be a serious issue for another person. Intentionally or unintentionally, people might be judgmental towards you based on the type of problems you are dealing with.

If you perceive another person’s problems as being bigger than yours, you may feel uncomfortable sharing your story with them. You shouldn’t feel this way because we all have problems. Just because someone might have a problem that may be perceived as more important than yours, it doesn’t make your problem any less important.

Maybe you got comfortable in whatever situation you are in, whether it’s in your job or accepting poor treatment from others that led you to a feeling of emptiness.


Office environment

If you feel this way, practice simple tasks to help you cope. Try to find things that bring you joy and clarity such as taking a walk to get some fresh air. It’s amazing how a simple activity like getting fresh air can make you feel better.

Try to surround yourself with different people who are able to add value to your life because the conversations and energy will be different. People who can motivate and inspire you will add more value to your life than any monetary value will. They will help you grow personally. Change your environment if possible, little changes can make a huge difference to your mental health.

  • Lack of love and care (childhood into adulthood)

Many of us had traumatic experiences growing up and not everyone handles trauma in the same way. Some people work hard to create a life that is the complete opposite of their childhood.

Unfortunately, other people seem to carry their childhood with them into adulthood. They do this unintentionally because they are unsure about how to process their emotions. If not addressed, these feelings can creep up into their adult lives and create a never-ending cycle of trauma.

If you had a traumatic childhood, it is not your fault. Children cannot control how they are raised or who raises them.

I personally experienced childhood trauma so I speak from experience when I say that you might think that your life is great and then one day, out of nowhere, a childhood memory creeps up and takes you right back to what you thought you dealt with long ago. How annoying!

It is so important to seek professional help to enable you to deal with your feelings. You need to realise that you hold the power to creating a life you love: a life where you can be anything you want to be, and no matter how old you are, you can always start over if you are not truly happy. It’s never too late.

  • Anxiety and depression

Some people think and some people overthink. Just how much thinking is classified as overthinking? I’m not sure. But judging by my question, I am probably one of those people who overthink.

Recently, I started seeing a therapist because I felt it will be good for a professional to tell me why I struggle with anxiety. I am getting tired of managing a panic attack or having anxiety about anxiety.

I am making progress and it’s also helping me to be more mindful and be in the present moment. I am beginning to manage my thoughts better and I am letting my thoughts come and go and not live in my mind for too long.

Dealing with anxiety and depression might make you believe that your life is not fulfilled. Sometimes we create our own problems that exist only in our minds. Sometimes these thoughts will never become our reality, yet we still tend to focus on them.

The journey of life

Professional lady

We are all on this journey called life and we know that it is not easy. We can be surrounded by many people and still feel lonely. This is because feeling empty comes from the inside. No amount of money, friends, people or parties will make you feel less empty until you deal with the root of the problem.

You can travel the world or have lots of money in the bank but if you don’t fix yourself on the inside, the outside will never make you happy. Get to know who you really are so that your happiness can manifest from the inside and is not based on external validation that so many people seek.

True fulfillment comes from the inside.

How to be kind to unkind people? (Why are they unkind?)

How to be kind to unkind people? (Why are they unkind?)


The world can be a cruel place sometimes. I guess this is why so many of us use coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges we are faced with in life.

I never understood why some people display horrible behaviour towards others, sometimes without a valid reason. Even if there is a valid reason to be nasty to someone, always choose kindness, there’s no need to exercise that evil streak.

You will never know what is going through a person’s mind that causes them to do the things they do.

Everyone is fighting a battle that we might not know about.

When someone treats you poorly, ask yourself why they are acting in that way.

Most of the time, how people act has nothing to do us. Usually, people are dealing with their own life challenges.

Why do people choose to be unkind?

There is no excuse for shitty behaviour. Just because someone is going through something in their lives, it does not excuse their actions.

But, everyone is built different, two people who are experiencing the same situation may react differently. Reactions are usually based on the level of experience and maturity each individual has. This determines if and how they project their issues onto others.

Their own experiences

Everyone is going through their own challenges in life. The way a person treats you says more about them than it does about you. Try not to take things personally. With the recent global lockdown, people are finding themselves in the worst situations they’ve ever been in before.

This does not excuse unkind behaviour, but frustrations and emotions could determine the way a person treats you.

I am a loner by nature, but recently, this never-ending Covid nightmare has been testing me on so many levels. I have to keep reminding myself that everyone is going through their own challenges too.

People just want to be heard and understood, so I don’t take anything personally.


Some people are just selfish. They will do anything to get what they want in life, regardless of how others are impacted by their words or actions.

I try to engage with people from a level of empathy, but certain people are just self-centred. Selfishness and greed can lead people down a path of unkindness very fast.

Last year I experienced this and couldn’t believe how evil people can be when they have a hidden agenda.

person with mask

A lady I knew (let’s call her Jane) was so upset because another person (let’s call her Eva) was going to chemotherapy as part of her cancer treatment. Jane was extremely annoyed with Eva because Eva couldn’t do the things she did before (with good reason) which benefited Jane because she was on treatment.

The sad reality is that Eva eventually passed away and even until today, Jane’s attitude towards others has not changed. She doesn’t care about others, as long as she reaps whatever benefits she can, even if it means that lives are lost along the way.

Not knowing better

Not all people are vindictive or intentionally selfish. Some people don’t have the life experience to know how to handle a situation. So what may seem unkind might just be a person’s way of handling a situation.

Many times, a person has good intentions but a poor choice of words and actions which may come across as cold. This is one of the reasons why we need to know how to deal with unkind people. Sometimes the person doesn’t even know that he/ she is being unkind.


Apathy is very similar to selfishness. Some people just don’t care. The sooner you realise that a person doesn’t care, the better it will be for you.

Lady with hands forward

There is no point in trying to make a person care about you if they don’t. It will never happen. People who don’t care might pretend that they do, but actions always reveal the true intentions of a person.

Not everyone is emotionally intelligent. I know many well-educated, academic people who have low emotional intelligence that leads to their poor behaviour towards others.

And yet again, this is still not an excuse for shitty behaviour.

How to deal with unkind people?

It can be very frustrating when a person is being horrible to you and you are expected to be nice to them.

What about treating them in the same way that they treat you? Why can’t we just give their own treatment back to them?

I used to treat others the way they treated me but then I realised than I am better than this.

My actions should not be based on someone else’s actions towards me. I became more aware of my behaviour, responses, actions and reactions. I learnt how to control myself regardless of how others act.

Empathise and understand

Remember earlier when I said that we should always ask ourselves why people do the things they do? There is always a reason behind a person’s actions…always!

Instead of getting upset, try to respond to unkind behaviour with empathy and understanding. Put yourself in the other person’s position. They could be going through major life events and not sharing this with anyone.

Not everyone knows how to deal with their emotions. Some people act out in ways that are toxic to themselves and others.

By being empathetic, you might be able to understand the other person better. Also, you should not accept any form of abuse just because the other person is venting and you happened to be the target.

Don’t take it personally

If you think about your own life and emotions, you will know that when you are excited about something, you will usually pass this positive energy to others you interact with. Now think about when you are sad, you might tell someone about how you feel and the sad energy might also make the other person sad.

The same goes for any other emotion. When the other person is feeling negative, they may take their negative feelings out on you. This does not have anything to do with you, that negative behaviour is about them.

One of the hardest lessons I had to teach myself was not to not take things personally when I was being lied to. At first, I questioned why someone would lie to me when I would never do the same to them. But I now understand that people can be cowards and it had nothing to do with me at all.

Offer help

People may need help instead of judgment. People might be embarrassed to ask for help, especially if they feel like they’ve failed.

Man helping a lady

If a person is attacking you verbally, they might be jealous or envious because you are in a better position than them. Instead of fighting back, ask them how you can help them. Or do something nice for them without them having to ask.

A small act of kindness can mean the world to someone who is struggling but is too proud to admit their failure.

Be the better person

Over the years I learnt that just because someone treats you poorly, it doesn’t mean that you have to treat them in the same way.

Continue to be kind to them. You don’t have to go out of your way to do things for them. But you also don’t have to react to their actions or words.

Don’t give them the power to upset you or change the way you behave. Learn how to control and master your emotions. When you understand that you are the only person who should have complete power over your thoughts and actions, your entire life will begin to change.

I’ve forgiven people who are not sorry, I’m still kind to those who did the worst to me and I know that my actions are not a reflection of who those people are. My actions are who I am.

I am the only person who has power over my life and I refuse to hand my power to anyone.

Limit contact

If a person shows you who they are, believe them. If someone keeps treating you poorly, then distance yourself for your own well-being.

If you tried everything to be kind to those who are unkind to you and they continue being unkind, then you may want to reconsider their presence in your life.

Respect yourself enough to know when its time to stop tolerating poor behaviour and disrespect. Everyone has a limit, and if you’ve tried to be understanding, empathetic and helpful but the person continues to take advantage of your kindness, then walk away.

There is a difference between being kind and being a doormat to unkind people. Don’t allow anyone to mistreat you because there are so many people out there who will appreciate you for the person that you are.

Support during hard times

Support during hard times

Updated June 2020

Whenever you face a challenge in life, people always tell you to be strong, as if being strong is an option. For some of us, being strong is the only choice we have. But it’s also okay to not be strong, you don’t have to be positive all the time or act like everything is okay when it’s not.

If we don’t feel our feelings, they eventually build up and lead to an emotional breakdown when you least expect it.

We all react to the same situation differently

When I found out about my pre-cancer diagnosis, my first instinct was to keep it a secret. I was afraid of the stigma attached to cancer or pre-cancer.

The truth is when we think about anyone dealing with cancer, we are conditioned to think about a person who is ‘dying’ or ‘helpless’ and I didn’t want to be this person.

I didn’t want to be placed in a box. I didn’t want sympathy from anyone, I wanted to fight my battles on my own, no matter how bad it got. I felt like the best way to do this was on my own.

The fewer opinions, theories, and stories I heard from everyone else would give me more time to focus on creating solutions to my problem.

But it affects them too

Nobody in my immediate family was affected by any type of cancer, so when I told my closest family, some did not know how to handle the news. It was a difficult time for everyone.

The illness does not just affect the patient but also affects the people around them.

It is so important for loved ones to seek help from a support group if they are not coping. Watching a loved one deteriorate and not being able to do anything about it must be torture.

It was worse for my family because we live in different parts of the country. I didn’t want them to visit or take care of me, I was being my usual, stubborn self.

I did AND didn’t have a support structure

My family was extremely supportive. Even though there were times when they were not able to put their feelings into words, I understood more than anything, they wanted me to get better.

Some of my friends were also my pillars of strength. But I still decided to go through this situation on my own. I refused visits from family and sometimes distanced myself from friends just so that I could re-gather myself.

At the same time, I also didn’t have support from many people whom I thought I was close to. It’s during times like these, that you get to see people for who they really are.

I know that I am not entitled to anything, but the people I am speaking about, are people that I often visited, celebrating good times together and was always in contact with. Then suddenly, when I decided to share my news, some of these people vanished off the face of the Earth.

Maybe they thought I was contagious or dying…or maybe they were just not emotionally strong enough to handle my truth.

Some people used my situation as a time to reflect

I told less than a handful of people at the time. But, the most common reaction I got when I told some people about my health situation, was that they also needed to go for a check-up and I usually never heard from these people again.

I understand that the news is shocking, but a little empathy and support is always appreciated. In no way am I saying that life is all about me, but instead of offering support, some just went on about how they are having certain health problems and need to go for check-ups.

The conversations always became about them instead of what I was actually trying to say about my health.

This is also another reason why I decided to fight everything on my own because we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves.

Since updating this post, I now understand that people were not being self-centered, they were scared.

They didn’t expect me to get sick, and if I was fine on one day and suddenly faced with health issues the next day, then they were scared that the same thing could happen to them.

It was an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride

We all have good days and bad days. I was having more bad days than good days. Every morning I would affirm to myself that ‘today is going to be a great day’ but it was difficult because my body was giving up yet my mind was fighting to bring me back to space of normality.

I remember waking up one day and falling to the floor – my legs refused to work, post-operation. It was scary because doctors don’t inform patients about the side effects after surgery.

The fatigue was awful, some days I would lay on the floor because I had no energy to wake up. The physical challenges turned into frustration which was depressing.

I just wanted to do things for myself

Depression started creeping in because I was not physically able to do simple things such as grocery shopping or driving. I had no energy but every day I would wake up and my mind would fight my body so that I could get healthy again.

Friends would reach out and tell me to let them know if I needed anything. But in all honesty, because I’ve always done everything for myself, I didn’t want to place my burdens on anybody else. The gesture is still appreciated.

My limited physical abilities and self-isolation forced me to reflect

The lesson I learned is that if people REALLY WANT to help you or visit, they will be there. They will not ask you; they will tell you that they are coming over but will also make sure that you are up for a visit.

I’ve learned not to take anything personally; people were not intentionally being mean to me. They were just shocked by my unexpected news and used my situation to reflect on their lives.

Does it ever end?

Getting better was not the end of my struggle, it took me months to regain strength and appetite, I am still working on regaining all the weight I lost but I am happy I changed my entire lifestyle because I feel better.

Since I initially wrote this post, I had a clean bill of health and a few months after posting this, those stupid cells were back, but the reports are conflicting. I think going through this experience is something that you think you will handle better the second time around, but you don’t.

All the anxiety and negative thoughts are tucked away in the back of your mind, and when it is not dealt with, all those initial feelings from the original diagnosis come flooding back.

But I am still sticking to my healthy eating habits and other changes I’ve made in my life. My lifestyle changes were extreme, but I feel much better on most days.

Below are some of the changes I made and if you or a loved one is facing similar challenges, try to make small lifestyle changes. You will feel a difference.

The things I did to feel healthy again are:

  • Regular exercise
  • Cut out gluten
  • Changed to vegan
  • Cut out junk food
  • Wake up every morning with affirmations of gratitude
  • Meditate before going to bed
  • More traveling to new places

I believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that I needed to go through this life-changing experience in order to live a more fulfilled life and value every day more.

Although I did not welcome a life-threatening illness into my life, I am grateful for all the lessons it taught me.

Why I stopped my blog – this is MY TRUTH

Why I stopped my blog – this is MY TRUTH

Updated June 2020

Life is so uncertain, when I first thought about making my life public, I thought it was the scariest thing I would ever do. But…this blog post will undoubtedly be the hardest one I will ever write and I am sure that those who know me will also be a bit surprised. I’ve been procrastinating but here is the highlight for me in 2019.

Things do not always work out the way we expect it to, and that’s the beauty of life. So here goes…


My health issues

I’ve always had a poor immune system so when I was admitted to hospital numerous times this year, I didn’t think too much about it. I’ve always suffered with my stomach and it is something that I am still learning to live with.

But what came as shock to me happened on my mother’s birthday. 2 July 2019 – a day I will never forget. I went to the doctor’s room to get my results back from various tests done, and what was in those results was something that never crossed my mind – even for a second.


I walked to my car and burst into tears

I just sat there as the doctor read my results to me, obviously the doctor has been through this numerous times before so I didn’t expect any empathy. At that moment I guess reality didn’t hit me and I wasn’t really processing what I just heard – but this is my way of dealing with serious news…I usually freeze on the inside and show no signs of emotion on the outside.

I walked to my car and burst into tears; it took at least 20 minutes for me to realize what just happened in those rooms. I was alone and drove to the hospital by myself, I was extremely ill to the point where, during some nights, I knew I would not wake up in the morning. Yet, every morning, I managed to open my eyes to see another day.


I couldn’t believe what I heard

I was on the doorstep of cancer. Did the doctor just say cancer? I’ve always had stomach issues but this was on another level. Well actually, the doctor said it was high-grade squamous cells that were spreading fast. So basically, precancer is the early stages of cancer that is not invasive. In other words – it is cancer cells that are confined to one area of the body and have not spread beyond a certain area yet.

I needed a second opinion so I took time off work and managed to find another doctor the next day who confirmed the diagnosis – I had precancer of the cervix. Many people will shy away from a topic like this due to their own reasons but actually, I’ve realized that this dreadful disease affects so many women.  Unfortunately, so many women find out when it’s too late and there is nothing more medical treatment can do.


I am blessed

In my case, I am so blessed and grateful that I found out what was wrong with me so early on. On the same day that I got a second opinion, I had biopsies done and the doctor told me that if I don’t have an operation within the next three months, the bad cells will spread.

Earlier this year I wrote about a close friend of mine who died from this horrible disease. I later deleted that post because as I am updating my posts, I couldn’t bring myself to relive her passing away all over again.


My friends and family are angels on Earth

The day that I got my results, my friends visited me at my house and were so supportive, I guess sometimes you do need people who love you around.

My friends, sisters and mother were extremely supportive and kept in touch with me every single day, even on days when I unintentionally took my frustrations out on them. The rest of my family and friends will probably only find out about my illness through this blog post.


Everything happened so fast

A few days later I was booked in for an operation to have the high-grade cells removed. Everything happened so fast, I went from having stomach issues to the chance of having high-grade cells spreading in my body.


The good news

The best news came to me six weeks later when I went in for a follow-up. The doctor told me that they had to burn and cut off more than they initially anticipated because the cells were multiplying rapidly.

So, for now, I am healthy again and living each day to the fullest. But this is not the end, I now need to manage my health and have regular check-ups done to make sure everything is still good.

I will be posting more on my story which I believe will help people. I was so ignorant when it came to cancer and nobody thinks that it will happen to them.

The strange thing is that you look perfectly fine on the outside but your body is actually attacking itself on the inside. As much as this is a scary situation, it was better that I became aware of the facts and handled the situation while I still had control.


But I don’t look sick

If you look at my pictures (on my homepage and about page), you will not think that I had to battle a horrible illness.

I don’t look like a person with medical issues. If anything, people think I pay lots of attention to my health and work out.

Yes, I do exercise and eat healthily. This is my way of fighting my immune system every single day. People who aren’t aware of my medical challenges ridicule me for being a vegan or think I’m shallow for wanting to take care of my body.


The things we take for granted

People don’t understand that being able to eat whatever you want or physically do whatever you want to is a blessing.

Lots of people take their abilities for granted and throw insults at others that cannot do what others can, due to reasons such as mine, which is medical.

I don’t get offended though, I smile and just tell people that I prefer not to eat or do certain things. Not everyone deserves an explanation from you. Not everyone deserves to hear your story.

But if you are still reading this and made it this far…

I am hoping that by sharing my story, I will help other people realize just how important check-ups are, even if you look and feel completely healthy.

Don’t take your health or life for granted. Maybe you can handle everything life throws at you. I handled my situation the best I knew how – by being determined and strong.


The people that love you

When you are faced with health challenges, don’t forget that those who love you also suffer, they might even suffer (emotionally) more than you. You will be going through physical and emotional pain. But those that love you, are watching you deteriorate right in front of them and there’s nothing they can do to make you better.

I understand that if you are going through a life-threatening illness, it is challenging because you are trying to overcome physical, mental, emotional and financial challenges.

But don’t forget about those that are supporting you. Try not to take your frustrations out on them. They mean well, even if they don’t know how to show it.

Remember that no fancy car, big house, attractive partner or high-paying job can replace your health, life or those that you love, or love you.

So be mindful of those that love you, because in times like these, you will realize that all you have, are those that love you and care about you.

*This story is based on my personal experience and is not intended as medical advice